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Google IgniteCS Grant Recipient, 2017

Most Meaningful Service: 2016, 2017 (Runner Up)


Thank you for this fun opportunity!

"Thank you very much for teaching us coding. I enjoyed making my small skit. My favorite part of this course had to be having my characters interact with one another. Customizing the characters to have different appearances was also enjoyable."

— J.G, 2016 Participant (KIPP Academy)

Our 2016-2017 partners

  • John Early Magnet Middle School

  • KIPP Academy Nashville

  • KIPP College Prep High School

  • PACE Afterschool Programs

  • Rose Park Middle School

  • West End Middle School

  • Jere Baxter Middle School

  • Meigs Magnet Middle School

  • Head Magnet Middle School

More Testimonials

"Our Code Ignite team was AMAZING. The students were always engaged and really had a great time with each activity. THEY LOVED IT. They also loved the volunteers. They did a good job building relationships with the kids and working with our rambunctious bunch. THANK YOU!"

— Eleanor Carter, Site Coordinator (PACE)

"We are sooo happy with the program! Feedback from kids is really positive, and we are so excited to offer this opportunity."

— Laura Howarth,  Principal (KIPP Academy)