Learn to solve real-life problems through the power of programming

Computer programs are used everywhere, from sending humans to the moon to checking out items at your local grocery store. During this six to eight week program for high school students, participants will learn the fundamentals of programming using the Python programming language. They will then put their new skills to the test in solving a series of custom-made problems. The Software Design program is a great introduction to the world of computer science, and requires no prior experience. 


During this course, students will...

  • Learn about basic programming logic, including loops, if-then statements, and data structures like arrays.

  • Solve various problems that are applicable to what they learn in school, such as solving math problems using code.

  • Learn the steps involved in writing software that solves real-life problems.

  • Learn more about what a career in the computer science industry is like.


  • Program format: Weekly one-hour sessions for six (6) consecutive weeks

  • Student pre-requisites: None

  • Class capacity: 30 or fewer students

  • Program cost: Free!

  • Location: Your school or program site

  • Requirements: School or site must be able to provide a computer or laptop device for each participating student, internet access, a classroom space with projector, and a supervising teacher.


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