Nihdi Mehta, President


Sami Chiang, Co-President

Sami is a senior from Albany, California studying Elementary Education, Child Studies, and Computer Science. She believes that learning code is the perfect way promote digital literacy and problem-solving skills, all while introducing students to the endless opportunities available to them in STEM fields. In addition to coordinating with school administrators and directing community outreach, Sami develops Code Ignite curricula based on best practices for STEM education. Sami's dream job is to be an elementary school teacher, and she is often found in the Target dollar section looking for classroom decorations. In her free time, she enjoys reading, eating pho, and jamming out to One Direction music videos in her room. 


Nisha Patel, Co-President

Nisha is a junior from Madison, AL. She has always been interested in the medical field and is majoring in Neuroscience. She never realized how much fun computer science can be until she took her first class CS class in college. She's interested in how dynamic computer science is and how it pairs in any field. She loves code ignite because it allows computer science to be shared throughout the community to kids who can expand their passions.





Eric Zhuang, Recruitment and Retention

Eric Zhuang is a sophomore Computer Science/Math major with a minor in Corporate Strategy. He hails from the humble town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania: the home of the Amish. Eric's love of Computer Science stems from high school experience, and he loves Code Ignite because it gives Vanderbilt students the opportunity to foster that same appreciation for other kids. In his few moments of free time, you can find Eric teaching karate to the elderly, uplifting the proletariat, and fighting crime.




Rounak Salim, High School Program Chair

Rounak is a junior majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He mainly hails from two different countries, Kenya and India, having spent equal time in both. He first fell in love with programming when he took a class in C in the 8th grade. He supports Code Ignite because he thinks everyone should be given the opportunity to learn how to code. While he is not working on everyday tasks he can be found working on his speedcubing skills, catching up on the latest Flash episode, or just lazing around. 



Arunabh Singh Photo.jpg

Arunabh Singh, Outreach Chair

Arunabh is a sophomore from Collierville, TN. He is majoring in Computer Science and Economics. He has always been drawn to technology as he thinks it is very interesting to see how the world is constantly changing due to inventions and the like, and feels coding is an excellent way to help that process. He also loves teaching. Both of these put together are why he is in Code Ignite. His hobbies are mostly Netflix and video games but also biking and reading.




Sirui Ma, Co-Founder

Sirui hails from the small town of Oak Ridge, TN and is a senior studying Neuroscience and Religious Studies. He grew fond of programming through his research work in computational biology labs as well as taking introductory courses during which he relentlessly sought tutoring from Clara. Once he made a calculator in python and decided it would serve as his credentials for teaching young students computer science. Code Ignite represents the culmination of his passion for service and his desire to introduce students to STEM fields. In his free time he often engages in Netflix binges, often imagining himself as Daredevil but without the blind part.