Step 1: Complete the Vanderbilt "Protection of Minors 101" module

All Vanderbilt students who work with minors are required to complete this online module to ensure the safety of our program participants and volunteers. Most students complete this module before getting to Vanderbilt, but please check to make sure you have done so before signing up to volunteer. Returning student volunteers need to complete the "Protection of Minors Annual Renewal" at the start of each new academic year. Visit the Learning Exchange and click on "My Courses" to complete the module.

The "Protection of Minors 101" module usually takes 10-20 minutes to complete. The annual renewal takes about 5 minutes. For more information about the Vanderbilt Protection of Minors policy, click here. You may NOT join our AnchorLink roster or volunteer with any of our programs until you complete this module. Members who have not completed the module will be removed from our AnchorLink roster, and may be reinstated upon completion of the module. 

Step 2: Join our AnchorLink roster

Once you're on our AnchorLink roster, you are eligible to sign up to volunteer with us! You will be added to our mailing list so that we can send you information about volunteer opportunities and Code Ignite sponsored events, and other news. 

Step 3: Choose a volunteer opportunity

Option 2: Keep an eye out for drop-in volunteer opportunities

If you can't commit to joining a teaching team, we'll keep you posted on upcoming drop-in opportunities. You were added to our mailing list when you joined our AnchorLink roster, so keep an eye out for more information in our newsletter. Note that volunteers who join teaching teams are also eligible to participate in these opportunities!

Drop-in volunteer opportunities include Hour of Code sessions, on-campus coding workshops, helping with outreach campaigns, and more. We estimate that there will be around 3-5 drop-in opportunities per semester, though we are working hard to add more to our schedule!

Option 1: Join a teaching team

Applications for spring 2019 are LIVE! Please complete your applications by 11:59pm Monday, Jan. 21.

All volunteers must apply through Volunteer Applications for Spring 2019

If you would be interested in leading a team, you must fill out an additional Team Leader Application for Spring 2019