Treat your students to a coding session designed just for them!

Invite a Code Ignite team to your classroom to give your students a fun and interactive introduction to the field of computer science. This program is perfect for teachers who want to bring programming into the classroom, but aren't quite sure where to start - we will work with you to plan a visit that fits your students and schedule. By learning how to program, your students will be introduced to problem-solving strategies that align with the Common Core Math Practice standards, and are transferable to many other academic disciplines. This program requires no prior experience in computer science, and can be adapted to meet the needs of any grade level.


Potential classroom visit activities:

  • Use Scratch block programming to solve a series of puzzles.

  • Create and customize a simple video game to share with friends and family.

  • Use the Python programming language to create a simple computer program

  • Learn about college and career opportunities in the field of computer science

  • Q&A session with Vanderbilt student volunteers


  • Program format: One session - classroom teacher can work with us to determine session length, though we recommend that no programs be shorter than one hour to ensure the best experience.

  • Student pre-requisites: None

  • Class capacity: 40 or fewer students

  • Program cost: Free!

  • Location: Your school or program site

  • Requirements: School or site must be able to provide a computer or laptop device for each participating student, internet access, a classroom space with projector, and a supervising teacher.


Thank you for this fun opportunity!

"Thank you very much for teaching us coding. I enjoyed making my small skit. My favorite part of this course had to be having my characters interact with one another. Customizing the characters to have different appearances was also enjoyable."

— J.G, 2016 Participant (KIPP Academy)

We'd love to work with your students!

Our services will always be completely free thanks to our volunteers.

Start planning your Code Ignite program today.

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