Inspire and open doors for your students: request a Code Ignite program today!

Code Ignite programs are engaging, inspiring, and COMPLETELY FREE! We connect with schools and other host sites looking to provide their students with an introduction to the world of computer science. Check out a complete list of our programs, or contact us about creating a customized experience for your students. 

Why host a Code Ignite program?

Code Ignite programs strive to provide middle and high school students with a fun, interactive, and stress-free introduction to the field of computer science. Exposure to computer science in middle or high school is a key motivator in encouraging students to pursue the field in college and explore endless career opportunities. 

Students in Code Ignite programs will also learn logical reasoning skills that are transferable to a variety of academic and non-academic disciplines. Our programs promote a growth-oriented approach to problem-solving that aligns with the Common Core Math Practice standards. Code Ignite program alumni take away not only programming skills, but analytical skills that will last a lifetime.

What kinds of host sites are eligible?

In order to host a Code Ignite program, sites must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a recognized academic or enrichment institution serving middle and/or high school students

  • Be located within a 25-minute drive from the Vanderbilt campus

  • Be able to provide the following resources: a desktop or laptop computer for each student, a classroom space with projector, internet access, and a site-affiliated supervisor.

If your site does not meet these criteria, feel free to fill out a Program Request form, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please be sure to include your requests for special accommodations in the Notes section.

What will my program look like?

Because all sites, programs, students, and Code Ignite volunteers are different, each program will look a little different. View more detailed descriptions of each of our programs here. We can also work to create a custom program that meets the unique needs of your site. In general, all Code Ignite programs will:

  • Be taught and facilitated by a team of trained Vanderbilt volunteers

  • Encourage, whenever possible, student participation and hands-on tasks

  • Teach programming and problem-solving skills in accordance with the Code Ignite Experience.

How do I request a program?

Requesting a program is easy! First, browse our services to determine which program(s) you would like the request. Or, let us help you determine the best fit for your site. Then, fill out the Program Request form. We will contact you as soon as possible to begin planning your program. 

I'm a parent or student - can I request a Code Ignite program at my school?

Yes! Email your request to, and we will contact your school about starting a Code Ignite program. Or, simply share our website with your school administrator or program coordinator!