We provide interactive computer science enrichment programs to students at Nashville schools, taught entirely by volunteers from Vanderbilt University.


 Nashville students learn coding skills and explore computer science career opportunities during our free programs

We currently offer programs in computer animation, game development, and software design for middle and high school students. 

 Teachers, Principals, and school program coordinators can request a free code ignite program at their school or site

Calling all teachers, principals, parents, students, and program coordinators! Find out more about how to bring a Code Ignite program to your school.

 Code Ignite programs are taught by vanderbilt student volunteers, who serve as mentors and role models for program participants

Code Ignite runs on the power of Vanderbilt student volunteers! Join a teaching team and find other ways to help inspire Nashville youth through code. 


"Thank you very much for teaching us coding. I enjoyed making my small skit. My favorite part of this course had to be having my characters interact with one another. Customizing the characters to have different appearances was also enjoyable. Thank you for this fun opportunity!"